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MS2000 Fixed Temp 88℃

Linear Heat Detector is composed of Linear Heat Cable, Adapter Unit and Termination Unit. Linear Heat Cable is a temperature sensitive material, which can detect the temperature change at any section or point along its entire installation length. Through the adapter unit, the electrical signal is converted into alarm signal to the fire alarm panel, so as to realize the function of fire detection and warning. After an alarm is triggered, the system can simply be reset with little disruption. Analog Fixed Temperature Linear Heat cable is ‘self-restorable’ so does not need to be replaced unless it has become severely damaged.


● Resettable and reused

● Industrial safety design

● Real-time monitoring and fast response time 

● Electrical interface with low power consumption

● Compatible to any kind fire alarm system

● Anti-interference: adopting good grounding measures, isolation test and software anti-jamming technology, can be applied in places with high electromagnetic field interference;

● Stable structure, strong anti-interference and tensile properties

● Adapter Unit can be installed by back plate, easy and convenient to install.

Automatic Fire Alarm Control System   2000系统Spercifications 

Fixed Alarm Temperature

88℃(± 10%)

External Diameter


Number of Cores


Conductor Diameter


Conductor Material

Alloy wire

Storage Temperature


Operating Voltage


Operating Voltage Range


Operating Current

Standby Current: ≤40mA

Fire Current: ≤50mA

Maximum current tolerance of self-refuse


Operating environment


Relative humidity: ≤ 95%

Detection length


IP Rating


Materials of Shell





Adapter Unit: 130mm*150mm*67mm

Termination unit: 85mm*90mm*57mm

Working Principle

When the linear heat cable is heated, the resistance of the NTC material changes, which causes the fluctuation between the two conductors. The built-in MCU of the Adapter Unit analyses this fluctuation, when the temperature reaches the fixed value (88℃), the alarm will be triggered.