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Termination Unit

Termination Unit MS1000-P is used for Linear Heat Cable of MS1000 Conventional type, MS1000 CR/OD type and MS1000 EP type. It is used for balancing the signal status and with simulation testing keys for Fire alarm and Fault.

Features and Benefitstermination 1

1. Industrial safety design

2. Detect heat at any point along its length

3. Electrical interface with low power consumption design

4. Real-time monitoring

5. Working with 24 VDC supply or without 24VDC supply     

6. Fast response   

7. No alarm temperature compensation required

8. Compatible to any kind fire alarm system

9. Termination Unit MS1000-P labeled with ATEX can be used with Linear Heat Cable EP Type

Automatic Fire Alarm Control System新名称系统图1000.jpg

Technical parameters


● Operating Voltage: No Electricity

● Operating environment: 


   Relative humidity: 95%

● Aluminum Alloy Shell

● IP Rating: IP66 

● Notice: "Fire Test" and "Fault Test" are used for test only

Notice: Termination Unit labeled with ATEX

● Termination Unit MS1000-P labeled with ATEX is used with Linear Heat Cable MS1000 EP 68℃, MS1000 EP 88℃, MS1000 EP 105℃, MS1000 EP 138℃, MS1000 EP 180℃

● Intrinsically safe Entity Parameters for MS1000 EP 68°C, 88°C Ui ≤ 28VDC; Ii ≤25mA; Pi ≤1W; Ci ≤65pF/m; Li = 7.6μh/m 

● Intrinsically safe Entity Parameters for MS1000 EP 105°C, 138°C, 180°CUi ≤ 28VDC; Ii ≤25mA; Pi ≤ 1W; Ci≤85pF/m; Li = 7.6μh/m


Working Principle

Compared with other kinds of detectors, MS1000 Digital Linear Heat Detector functions on a very-early detection and alarm for the protected context. The detector can be known as an intelligent “switch” type detector. When the temperature meets or exceeds the specific fixed temperature, the NTC heat sensitive material which covers the two conductors softens and fuses, the contact of conductors will cause a short circuit, this short circuit will trigger the alarm directly. The detector has a continuous sensitivity. The sensitivity of linear heat detector will not be influenced by the environment temperature changing and the length of detection cable using. It does not need to be adjusted and temperature compensation. The detector can transfer both alarm and fault signals to fire alarm panel through its control unit normally with DC24V.